Nikitha Nandhagopal

The OM Yoga Lounge Studio during a vinyasa yoga class.


Nikitha Nandhagopal

Instructor, RYT

Niki was introduced to yoga during her days of schooling in India. Back then she saw it just as a form of physical activity that all the kids were supposed to do at school. Fast forwarding life to 2017, and moving all the way across the globe, she was going through a transformational phase in her life and career. During this time she was reintroduced to the holistic practice of yoga in Pittsburgh, through her brother. Since then yoga has been the anchor that helped her build her confidence and awareness of her self. Over the next couple years she found the OM Lounge community and it turned out to be her home away from home. With the OM community and her incredible mentor by her side, she decided to take her practice to a deeper level and took up teacher training at the OM Lounge in 2020. This was her very first step in a path leading towards understanding the profound philosophy and mysticism surrounding yoga.

Through her classes Nikitha would like to offer her students a creative flow where they find a right balance between mind and body, take them through a journey of self-awareness and cultivate the practice of inner peace which they can carry over to their lives off the mat.

Aside from yoga you can find Niki painting with acrylics, watching a lot of movies, cooking and gardening in her little apartment balcony.

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