arjun pamidi

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arjun pamidi

Instructor, RYT

Arjun was born and raised in India, moved to the United States to pursue his engineering career. Arjun used to think that Yoga was not for him. However, he liked the complementing benefits of Yoga when he tried the first few classes. But to him, the beautiful community surrounding Yoga is the motivational trigger that made him come back to the practice again and again. Various interactions with the teachers at the Om Lounge and several calming experiences made him more curious about Yoga and helped him deepen his journey. Along the course, he signed up for the Om Lounge teacher training to advance his understanding of Yoga. As he continues to design his life around Yoga practice, he firmly believes that "the best way to learn is to teach."

At the Om Lounge, Arjun always felt welcomed and encouraged as a student, and now he is excited to be on the giving side of this wholesome experience. Arjun's class incorporates simple and intentional yet challenging sequences and postures. He aims to relieve the tension in the physical body and increase awareness in the energetic body to go deeper into the contemplative states of our being.

Arjun likes to spend time in Nature, and he wishes he was born as a tree in a dense forest. He appreciates art and enjoys creating digital illustrations. Arjun admires Yoga, meditates regularly, intending to love all unconditionally.