carla rosemarino

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carla rosemarino

Creative Marketing Manager, Instructor, RYT

Carla believes that the practice of yoga offers something for everyone - whether you're a free spirit searching for a moving meditation, an athlete who views sun salutations as restorative burpees, or anyone in between.

In Carla's classes, every pose (from the forward fold to the funky arm balance) is simply an opportunity for self-care and self-inquiry. Expect a class filled with curious movement, playful transitions, fun tunes, plenty of laughs, and a community-first vibe.  

Her classes play with physical and mental edges through creative vinyasa krama sequencing, which is just a fancy way of saying you’ll build up to a peak posture or a fiery flow. In short? You'll sweat! However, with plenty of opportunities to soften or intensify, the practice is yours to mold.  After all, the “yep, that’s not going to happen today” moments are just as important as the breakthroughs.  

Outside of the studio, Carla works for a website development company and enjoys late night walks with her husband, podcasts, and a daily dose of self-deprecating humor.