chelidha keller

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chelidha keller

Studio Manager, Instructor, RYT

Chelidha first found yoga when she was looking for a way to de-stress and calm her “mind chatter.” Struggling with depression, low self-esteem and hoping to find relief, she took her first class over twenty years ago at a New York City studio. She remembers being in a room full of yogis and not having a clue about any of the poses or their sanskrit names. On top of that, she wasn’t even flexible--and still isn’t (but that’s ok, because that’s not what yoga is about!) It was intimidating at first, but she knew there was something to this practice and she was hooked.

Having tried several different styles (Bikram, Baptiste and Iyengar) it wasn’t until she found Vinyasa, specifically Vinyasa Krama at The Om Lounge, that her practice really took off and became an important part of her mental and physical well-being. Suzanne Nagel’s style of teaching and personality drew her in and she decided to become certified to teach. Chelidha completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from The Om Lounge in November 2020.

Yoga is something that allows her to connect with her body, mind and soul. It has been a tremendous benefit for dealing with the “fluctuations of the mind.” As she’s grown, so has her practice and she wants to share the benefits of yoga with her students, no matter where they are on their yoga journey. She believes whole-heartedly in The Om Lounge’s motto, “come as you are.”

Off the mat, some of Chelidha's favorite activities include writing, meditating, reading, reflecting, intuiting, exercising and eating at local restaurants.