ella sinciline

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ella sinciline

Instructor, RYT

Ella discovered yoga in highschool, when a teammate invited her to a local class. Thinking she had found another challenging workout to add to her routine, she kept coming back, but what she found after months on her mat was much more significant than a way to sweat. Struggling with mental illness at the time, yoga became the space where she was able to slow down, and truly connect with herself. The word “yoga” means “to yolk”, specifically to yolk together the body and mind. Ella attributes yoga to unifying her mind and body again, allowing her to take steps toward healing and to eventually become the vibrant person she is today. Ella is now very passionate about holding space where students have the opportunity to show up for and see themselves in the same way she was able to when she began her practice.

Ella looks at each class simply as an opportunity to give ourselves what we need. Whether that is relaxing in a child’s pose, or working for the peak pose, she encourages every student to practice in a way that genuinely makes them feel good. Students will never feel pressure to move like anyone but themselves in her class, and will be encouraged throughout to keep listening to their bodies!

Ella always brings an energetic sequence full of creative transitions, fun postures, and plenty of ebbs and flows. She works to create a community focused environment where everyone feels comfortable to wobble and try new things without judgment. Ella was trained at The Om Lounge, graduating her 200hr training in May of 2021, and teaches in the Vinyasa Krama style.