lindsey peterson

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lindsey peterson

Instructor, RYT

Lindsey grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania.  After college, she moved to Pittsburgh for the opportunities the city offers.  Yoga became a part of her life when a coworker recommended online yoga videos.  Initially, she was seeking strength, but fell in love with the way yoga calms the mind.  Later, she started practicing in person, where she found comfort in the yoga community.  Yoga is now her favorite form of self-care, connecting the mind, body, and soul. Wanting to move deeper into her practice, and share this practice with others, she joined teacher training at the Om Lounge, graduating in November 2021.

In class, you can expect a creative flow, finding a balance between effort and ease, fire, and flow.  Lindsey meets students where they are on their yoga journey, encouraging presence in the mind and body that can be taken off the mat into their daily lives.  

Aside from yoga, Lindsey loves hiking and foraging for mushrooms with her corgi, Winston.  She feels most at home with nature.  Other passions include reading, painting, cooking, camping, and traveling.