olive ngokion

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olive ngokion

Instructor, RYT

Olive is a Pittsburgh native who first found yoga as an  adolescent. It quickly became a part of her well-being routine and has contributed to the peace she finds in her everyday life.

As part of a recent collaboration with schools in her community, she taught yoga to youth and family groups. This reconfirmed her belief that yoga is not exclusive, but an experience available to all people to discover their capacities and gifts.

Olive holds a BA degree in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh. She is interested in the benefits of Vinyasa Krama yoga, particularly as an alternative therapy.

Olive's classes contain thoughtful themes and creative sequencing. In each class, she aims to help students release the tensions of

their body, achieve fluidity of movement, and escape into a state of meditation.

Outside of the studio, you can find Olive learning the bass, traveling, cooking vegan cuisine, and  hiking in every national park.