Rachael Rhee

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Rachael Rhee

Instructor, RYT

Rachael is an active duty Army Officer. She came to her mat when she returned from her deployment to Iraq in 2017. Her practice not only healed the effects of years of high impact athletic activities, but it also provided her with a yoga tribe. Her yogic community wove itself into the tapestry of her heart with its unconditional acceptance of yogis from all walks of life, body types, and levels of experience. In her world where most things in her life are mandatory, her mat is one of the only places where everything is optional. She firmly believes in the following: your practice, your choice.

In her class you will be offered a challenging, progressive flow set to engaging playlists (read: you are going to want to dance) with opportunities to push your practice. But more importantly, you will feel comfortable enough to try new things, fall, laugh at yourself, have fun, and accept yourself however you came to your mat that day! Rachael hopes to lead you to what she found on her mat: the profound quiet and comfort that comes from unconditional self acceptance.

Outside of the studio and her uniform, Rachael is an avid distance runner, cook, and reader of mystery novels.