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1. Where to Park?    

We are conveniently located in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End on the corner of N. Highland Avenue and Harvard Street. There is ample street parking and a large parking lot just behind the studio on Harvard.

2. What kind of amenities do you offer?     

For your convenience, we offer hot tea, a complimentary spring water dispenser, blocks, straps, and yoga blankets & bolsters. We also have Jade Harmony yoga mats to rent for $2 if you forgot your mat. The Om Lounge also has a boutique offering yoga apparel & yoga accessories, as well as books & aromatherapy.

3. Can I arrive late and/or leave early if I need to? 

Our studio is located on the entire second floor and you will need to be buzzed into the building. The door remains locked at all times for safety. We do not permit late arrivals out of respect to our students and teachers, however if you are running only a couple minutes late, please notify The Om Lounge by text or email, and if you are already signed in to class, we will accommodate you. On the flip side, leaving early (especially during Savasana, our final meditation) disturbs your fellow yogis. Kindly wait until the end of class to leave. If you have a special situation, please talk to your instructor BEFORE class.

4. What is the temperature in Om Lounge?

Let’s face it, no one wants to practice yoga with a cold body.  At Om Lounge, the studio is comfortably warm, just above room temperature. Don’t worry, if you like “Hot” yoga, you will definitely work hard enough in our classes to sweat, but you will also be building muscles and burning calories, not just dehydrating yourself. If you are not into the heat, you are going to love the feeling in the room without the risk of feeling light headed or dehydrated. It’s simple; if it’s cold out, we adjust, if it’s hot out, same thing. It's the perfect environment!

5. Do I have to pre-register for classes?    

We ask students to pre-register before class on our website or the Mindbody App. While drop-ins are welcome, please note that pre-registration guarantees that your spot is reserved. First choice always granted to those who pre-register.

6. Do you have beginners classes and how much about yoga do I need to know before taking class?

We offer all levels classes on most days. The practice of yoga meets you where you are. Teachers offer modifications and variations to postures for every level. Remind yourself that your yoga begins the moment you show up for yourself on your mat and has nothing to do with achieving a perfect pose. The process of learning is unique to each of us.




We are located in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End, on the corner of N. Highland Ave and Harvard Street. Ample street parking available as well as a large public parking lot just behind our studio on Harvard Street.


218 N Highland Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206




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