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A yoga class at OM Yoga Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA
A yoga class at OM Yoga Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA

What We Do

Voted best yoga studio in Pittsburgh, The Om Lounge is a unique yoga community founded by Suzanne Nagel. Our classes at both of our studio locations in East Liberty and the Strip District are taught in the style of Vinyasa Krama sequencing methodology. Our style is creative, unique, athletic, challenging, and most of all, fun!

Vinyasa Krama means a step by step progression into something, or to a certain goal. A goal in this case being a more complex asana (posture)/peak sequence and to arrive in a space of clarity and peace, open to meditation at the end of class. To dive deeper into our approach, read "More About Us."

Deep Dive Into Vinyasa

To give a little more explanation: Vinyasa – which is the principle of synchronizing movement with the breath and Krama – which literally means steps or stages. When we apply Vinyasa Krama in our sequences, we work our way from simple to more complex poses. We prepare the body within certain poses to move into the more advanced or complex “peak or possibility pose”. Our teachers incorporate a full experience in every class. From the poses and the philosophy, the breath, the playlists, the sweat, the connection, we show up for it all. Our day to day classes are “all levels” meaning they are designed with all levels of practitioners in mind and will increase in intensity. Our teachers will offer some modifications as well as opportunities to challenge yourself further. You will be in class with students who have been practicing for two days or 10+ years! You can rest, observe, drink water, take child's pose and do what feels right for you at any time during class.

Our mission is to share the benefits of a yoga practice which include physical health, emotional wellbeing, and union with the self and others. Our teachers dedicate themselves to be students of the practice first and foremost and regularly attend class as well as continued education trainings. We genuinely believe that to be present and show up for yourself on your mat will change your life.

Our practice style is unique, fun, and athletic. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we flow to upbeat modern music at a higher volume (it's our thing), and we encourage laughter and enjoying your practice above all else. Our studio respects and honors the lineages of yoga posture, alignment and philosophy and at the same time, we encourage students to show up as themselves without fear of judgment. However you show up for yourself is just right. In other words, YOU DO YOU.

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