Paige Creamer

The OM Yoga Lounge Studio during a vinyasa yoga class.


Paige Creamer

Instructor, RYT-200

Paige hails from Steubenville, Ohio - for now, at least. Paige’s yoga practice began off the mat in 2015 when she began working with her first meditation, breath, and chakra coach. Within a few months, her love of meditation and movement naturally led her to grow her practice on her mat, too, including asana when she signed up  for a yoga class offered at her University.  At the time Paige found yoga, her father had been diagnosed as terminally ill, and the space that yoga offered was a pillar of stability during a trying time. At only 19, she did not know then that yoga would be her rock for so many years to come or that her mat would be the home to which she’d return time and time again.

Paige has been an athlete all her life, finding  joy and play in her lifelong dedication to movement. In yoga, Paige found she was able to embody these benefits for healing, clarity,  and more in her practice. What Paige had formerly thought to be magic, she soon realized was simply the beauty of combining breath, body, and intention.

Outside of teaching yoga, Paige is a writer at heart, and her formal profession  is “gypsy” (according to her mom, at least). Paige has spent months in France, Portugal, Germany, and Spain, to name a few of her favorite extended stays. She keeps her passport as handy as her driver’s license because “you never know when it’s time to go” and she’s “never been sad in Europe.” Over the years, Paige has worked in pizza shops, client accounting, bartending, ESL tutoring, editing, stand up comedy, event planning, and is currently working as a high school language and composition teacher and blogger for Om Lounge.

Throughout it all, her path’s every twist and turn, her practice has been her partner in her life. Her practice, her writing, and her cats. Paige genuinely delights  in the surprises  life has given her, and none more so than finding the Om Lounge RYT-200. For this gypsy yogi, Om is Home, and she is beyond grateful to  hold some space and make some magic with you as part of the Om Lounge community.

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