1. Where to Park?    

We are located in the city of Pittsburgh with two convenient locations. Our East Liberty studio (218 N. Highland Ave)is located, on the corner of N. Highland Ave and Harvard Street.Ample street parking available as well as a large public parking lot just behind the studio on Harvard Street. Sundays are free!

Our Strip District studio (2000 Smallman St) is located on Smallman Street in the heart of the Strip in the building with Kaya and De Fer coffee. Street parking is widely available. Sundays are free! Pro tip: there is a large parking lot behind the SD terminal. Entry on 16th or 21st streets. Walk through the 20th street passageway by Wines + Spirits and you will be directly in front of The Om Lounge!

2. How do I create an account, book classes, and/or book a friend?

Head to to our Schedule here on the website or the OM Lounge & Wellness app and click LOGIN to create an account or sign in.  If you had an account with us on our former platform, just use your email and click "forgot password" to sign in. To book classes, go to the SCHEDULE on the APP or website. To share your credits with a friend, book yourself twice and it will use your credit for your friend. For Transform members, to take advantage of your FREE +1, book yourself twice and for the second time, use your TRANSFORM +1 pass. If you encounter any issue, please email emily@omloungeyoga.com.

3. Can I arrive late and/or leave early if I need to? 

Both of our studios are located on the second floor and you will need to be buzzed into the building. The door remains locked at all times for safety. In the Strip District studio, please press" 207 & the green bell". In East Liberty, press the buzzer for "Om Lounge." We do not permit late arrivals out of respect to our students and teachers, however if you are running only a couple minutes late, please notify The Om Lounge by calling the desk at the studio you are booked in and if you are already signed in to class, we will accommodate you. On the flip side, leaving early (especially during Savasana, our final meditation) disturbs your fellow yogis. Kindly wait until the end of class to leave. If you have a special situation, please talk to your instructor BEFORE class. We do not issue refunds for late arrivals.

4. I'm having trouble with my Om Lounge App. i.e having trouble logging in, I only see one studio in the app? 

We have two studios. East Liberty & Strip District. Toggle between the two studios in our app or schedule. For any issues regarding booking, please contact emily@omloungeyoga.com.

5. What is the temperature of the studio? 

At The Om Lounge, the studio is comfortable, set just above room temperature at about 78-80 degrees.  It’s simple; if it’s cold out, we adjust, and make it more cozy, if it’s hot out, same thing. It's the perfect environment!

6. Do I have to pre-register for classes?

We ask students to pre-register before class on our website or on the OM Lounge Yoga & Wellness APP, which you can download on Apple or Google Play for FREE, or our website.

7. What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel your class reservation at least 4 hours prior to class start time if you cannot attend. For workshops and/or special events, you must cancel 24 hours prior or you will be charged as if you attended. For all cancellations, We DO NOT accept voicemails or emails. You must cancel/reschedule through our OM Lounge Yoga & Wellness app or website. If you do not cancel within the 4 hour window, you will be charged $10 for the class and/or lose the class credit. Class credits are NON-refundable (no exceptions) and will remain in your account. Being late or not finding the studio is not a valid reason for a no-show.

8. Do you have beginners classes and how much about yoga do I need to know before taking class?

We offer all levels classes on most days. The practice of yoga meets you where you are. Teachers offer modifications and variations to postures for every level. Remind yourself that your yoga begins the moment you show up for yourself on your mat and has nothing to do with achieving a perfect pose. The process of learning is unique to each of us.

9. May I pause my membership ? How do I cancel my in studio membership ?

You may pause your membership for up to 3 months. To do so, you will be charged $10 for each month paused. If you choose to pause your membership for under a month (i.e), your account will be charged $10 for the pause. Contact theomlounge@gmail.com to request a pause.

To cancel your membership anytime after your 3 month commitment, you must send an email to theomlounge@gmail.com 14 days before your membership expires.

10. How do I get online to watch a livestream or video?

Click HERE for our video platform. You must create a separate account for this platform. If you have a Transform, Commit, or Discover membership with us, you are eligible for a discount. Contact theomlounge@gmail.com for a promo code.