written by:
Suzanne Nagel
May 14, 2018

One of the things I have noticed in my practice lately is that a commitment really makes a difference. Since Om Lounge opened, I have been teaching (a lot) but I have also been practicing A LOT. And while I love to teach, if I don't practice regularly, I can feel it in my bones. Getting on your mat even when you are in a funk (especially when you are in a funk) is how you ground, root, and inspire yourself. It's also how you build strength, not just physically, but mentally. This practice is for a lifetime. Not a day (and I know if you have taken my yoga class regularly, you have heard me say that, ad nauseum). The yogic path, the postures, the community, the journey forward is ongoing. When I first stepped into a Vinyasa Flow class, I could not touch my toes. Forget about lengthening my spine in Halfway Lift, and I had a personal vengeance against Utkatasana. Aside from the physicality, I also had a lot of stress, anxiety and built up anger in my life. And I'm pretty sure all of that was deep rooted in my body. The more I learn in yoga, the more I know I don't know. And I'm very much okay with that. I am finally understanding that the journey is what it is all about. To all of you that wonder if you will ever get into a split, hold a handstand, bind your side angle, or jump back from Crow, know this... maybe you won't. But what we are learning from our yoga practice is so much more than nailing a pose. And we most definitely will not get anywhere without effort.  Practice and all is coming.

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