written by:
Suzanne Nagel
September 22, 2022

been thinking a lot about seasons, and I don’t just mean the weather. I mean “seasons of life.” 

Some relationships are just for a season in your life.  Some jobs are a season. A hairstyle could be a season, a song, a  pair of shoes.

I think of this because as i get older, I realize the seasons I have been through. As we change into fall, and another season is upon us, I think back to last year at this time, and so much has changed. It has been hard for me over the years to understand that some things are for a season- not forever.

I have been through a lot of seasons. I had friends who I thought I would be forever besties with and had to learn that they were a season.  I had jobs that I loved and realized that the it was time for the season to change. How is it that we can feel so certain of our direction, and then the season changes? 

Nature understands that seasons come and go. Nature is willing to let go of dead leaves, let things die, to change and not look back.

I still need to come to terms with understanding the constant evolving  person that I am, and that I have needed to move through my own seasons of joy and pain. 

I look around and see the work that I have done, the relationships shared and lost, the ways in which I was a “season” to others.  I  have always believed that everyone says they love you   - until they don’t. Until the season changes.   

Remember when you loved. Remember when you saw things a certain way. 

The season has changed. And I know for sure it will change again. 

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