Om Lounge mentorship program

There are people who imprint knowledge or inspiration to you along the way. For whatever reason, you connect with them or what they are sharing with the world. In her time as a yoga teacher, Suzanne Nagel has had her own mentors who have helped her to grow along the way. Are you a yoga teacher that wants to continue to learn and be guided? Inspiration and connection make things possible and that's why we offer a mentorship program for Yoga teachers at The Om Lounge.  

In this mentorship program you will:

Meet with Suzanne one-on-one/ twice a month. Monthly meetings will cover developing class sequences & themes, creating workshops, diving deeper into yoga philosophy and pinpoint areas for growth. We will work on finding your teaching voice, and areas of inspiration.

-Shadow Suzanne's yoga classes as an observational study.

-Receive class passes for The Om Lounge.

-Teach Community classes at The Om Lounge

Choose from a 3 or 6 month mentorship program.


3 month program: $289


6 meetings (1 hour one-on-one meetings 2x per month/ 6 total)

5 Om Lounge classes

6 continuing education hours.

Eligible to teach Community Classes

6 month program: $549


12 meetings (1 hour one on one meetings 2x per month / 12 total )

10 Om Lounge classes

12 continuing education hours

Eligible to teach Community classes