What Type of Yoga do you Teach?

written by:
Suzanne Nagel
April 27, 2023
What Type of Yoga do you Teach?

What type of yoga do you teach?

This is a question that I get asked a lot…

When I founded The Om Lounge in 2018, I had been teaching vinyasa yoga for 6 years. Initially, I was combining the concepts and techniques from my earlier trainings and designing my classes with no particular methodology. I simply labeled it as “vinyasa flow.”

However, as I began to formulate the our first teacher training curriculum at The Om Lounge with a fellow yoga teacher friend, I realized that I had started to create a sequencing “methodology.” As the studio began to develop and grow, so did the style I was teaching. I continued to update my training manual and refine the elements of The Om Lounge sequencing method, and I soon realized that I developed a methodology/style that was unique to The Om Lounge. The style /brand really grew out of the response of the students.  I sought to create something that was creative and sweaty (but not gratuitously so), fun, rooted in flow set to modern music, and distinguishable by the focus on transitions between postures.  Hence, The Om Lounge Sequencing Methodology was born!

In our methodology, students learn deeper connection to their bodies. Our classes are a mixture of flow (one breath per movement) and holds (staying with and experiencing postures for a longer period of time) and offer visual demonstrations in every class for peak shapes or what we call “possibility poses” so that students can plant seeds and progress if they want to.

We emphasize the importance of each student’s individual experience being the priority and that shapes can look and feel differently for everyone. Our intention is for students to experience the class wherever they are on any given day and grow and learn about their bodies and their practice as they go.

I would describe the physical style as a mash up of Vinyasa Krama (which is “progression” of poses that prepare the body for a peak sequence), Primal Flow, Power Yoga, and Lotus Flow, with some Kundalini mixed in! The style is athletic and challenging but allows for anyone practicing to modify and rest as they need to. It is also meant to be fun, and not so serious.

As I continue to learn and grow, I have broadened my focus to include a new Yoga Sculpt methodology that includes use of 1 pound weights on ankles or wrists.  Again, I recognize the power of a cohesive methodology when introducing concepts to students and we have recently begun our Om Vinyasa Sculpt Training at our studio as an optional included addition to our 200 hour training curriculum. Om Vinyasa Sculpt combines some of the elements of our signature style Om yoga classes, but is intended to be used as an additional tool for strengthening joints and muscles with isometric movements.

The Om Lounge Yoga & Wellness is the combination of my childhood love of dance & gymnastics combined with athleticism, music and a splash of choreography, and of course my decades long love of yoga. Whether you hear the calling of being a yoga teacher, or want to learn more about yoga philosophy or deepen your existing practice, The Om Lounge training program offers you the tools to learn and grow.

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